My first android app

Its painfully obvious that I’ve never developed for android before.  Its taking me forever to just get the basics down.  Layouts, resources, databases, views, actions, intents, etc.  Let alone coming up with an idea that is worth developing.  Maybe it’s good I don’t have that million dollar idea yet so I’m not too frustrated and worried about it slipping through my fingers as I slowly learn this platform/environment/API.

I’m getting there though.  Slowly but surely. 

Right now my idea of an application is nothing more than a basic sound board app.  No, not farts.  I’m working on a sound board of some of the great announcers in pittsburgh sports.  Myron Cope, Mike Lange, Bob Errey, and if at all possible, some of the Gunner Bob Prince

So far its slow moving.  Trying to find the right layout. (meaning I’m learning the layouts)  I do have it playing a sound when an icon is clicked.   Exciting shit right there.  Beyond that I have my admob ads setup.  (0.17 cents so far baby)

Ok stay tuned for random updates on this and other facets of my little brain.

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